January 19, 2019

Keller Williams V.S. eXp

Keller Williams Versus eXp  which format is best reactive or response.  I own a Home Services Franchise Real Living Metro and I believe that Real Estate should be a combination of both technical and virtual coupled with some educated and developed agents that can ultimately bring the best service to the end consumer.  I think the ibuyer market will capture investor market.  By investor market I am referring to investors who approach home owners with instant cash out deals.  These investors buy the home significantly lower than the market value and then resale.  Zillow will definitely capture these types of sellers however they will not get market value.  This is not technology that advances the Real Estate Industry that ultimately services the consumer and their best interest.

     In my opinion the varying Real Estate agencies are competing with each other to stay relevant.  Reality is yes the internet has vastly changed our business and it gives everyone an opportunity to grow their business by being a influencer.  Therefore offering agents a system where they can cultivate their image online will result in lead generation for the agent.  Providing the agent training and development to become an Expert in the Real Estate Industry and teaching them how to promote themselves online to lead generate can great a lifelong career for an agent.
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