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How To Win in Real Estate! – Real Living Metro Real Estate
January 12, 2019

How To Win in Real Estate!

When I started my own real estate company, I had the desire to create a great environment a sense of partnership and support that would keep my team at the forefront of the market. Making sure to support my agents is my primary goal as a broker, and the process of running a firm as a cohesive unit has broadened my understanding of leadership.

My agents success is my success therefore it is really important that you treat your agents like they are customers and you celebrate their success. It’s easy get mired in the details of running a firm, forgetting the importance of interacting with their agents — it’s easy to get lost in the numbers and the process. I want to be a cheerleader, a teacher, and a manager. Connecting with my agents every day develops them and helps them achieve their goals.

We develop agents and prime them for successful in Real Estate. I have made conscious decisions to support my agents to develop their Real Estate Careers. That meant providing a State of the Art Office that is functional and useful to service their clients and develop their career. We have provided three floors of functionality to assist the agents to achieve the level of success the desire. We have a fantastic support team where every agents has two support people to rely and count on. Our regular sales meetings keep our agents up to date of what is going on in the local market and state laws and regulations. Our lunch and learns provide new tools and real estate business practices. The market is changing very rapidly and technology and the internet has completely changed the way we do business. The Millennials are a different breed of buyers that are educated and smart and expect quick and accurate responses. Social media has now become an opportunity for agents to influence their audience and therefore capture leads organically. All of the above makes it imperative that your Company (Broker) is a heavy participant in the company and are up on all the changing facets of the business can make the difference between success and failure.

We have a business center that every agent has access to which is very powerful. It includes a CRM system that has AI intelligent that acts like a secretary keeping in touch with their clients. We also provide BACK TO YOU media which manages your listings and articles on your social media. This relieves an agent of a lot of the repetitious activities that real estate agents have to deal with. This back office handles data input, automated marketing, and other small tasks so our agents can concentrate on developing new leads and servicing their clients. We have a lot of automated marketing tools that are sent out on the agent’s behalf without the agent even having to be involved. We teach possibly can for the agents so they can concentrate on developing new leads. We teach agents how to lead generate organically with several of our websites that we provide to our agents. We show them how to be in front of buyers and sellers and be an influencer in Social Media.

Lastly, we recruit a wide variety of individuals from diverse age groups and social circles — and that diversity helps our team serve a variety of different markets. I love to share my love and passion of real estate and my dream is to empower as many agents possible and to escalate their Real Estate Career.

Partnership, Support and Integrity

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