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How to Give your Real Estate Clients a Great Experience – Real Living Metro Real Estate
January 13, 2019

How to Give your Real Estate Clients a Great Experience

Technology is great and is a necessary component of our Real Estate Marketing but how in the end will this result in a great customer experience for your buyer or seller.  What exactly is a seller or buyer looking for in their real estate transaction?  When a seller has his home listed with an agent and never hears from the agent or never returns his call he might not feel like he is being represented.  So yes, technology helps you to keep in touch with your customer and helps you attain leads after all we are in the lead generation business.  If we are not constantly finding people to sell to or clients to list their property then we are out of business.   However, on the flip side if we have leads but we are unable to cultivate those leads into a client realtor relationship then those leads are useless.  So, how do we provide the service that customers are looking for when selling and buying listings?

1.  Keep the focus on your client.  View yourself as a professional (like an attorney, doctor, CPA) you have a service to provide and can significantly

impact  their lifestyle.   The client and service to them must always be first.  Never think of the commission check it is NOT yours until closing day.  Let

the commission not be your motivation but the service you are giving to your client.  It is a privilege and honor to be chosen to represent them.

2.  Provide a Great Client Experience:  Realtors should start obsessing about what’s broken, what’s less than optimal, what’s problematic in the overall consumer experience with buying or selling a house, maybe they can arrive at something that will create a better consumer experience.

3.  Expert : Strive to become educated in the Real Estate Industry.  Too many agents do not take the time to learn all aspects of real estate which can be  complicated but very informative and rich information that can actually really help your clients.  Your service is of the utmost importance and the way to really provide that client experience that would make people shout to the roof tops is being passionate and committed to helping your clients with their real estate goals.

4.  Keep Your client informed:  Stay in touch and on top throughout the transaction process.  Make your client feel like they are your only client.

5.  Care about your client:  There is nothing that can replace you actually caring about the client you are representing.  Remember for most people this transaction is the biggest investment in their life and they make a significant amount of wealth if properly represented by an Agent.  Remember you have fiduciary Duties so that means you are just like an attorney where you are legally obligated to represent the best interest of your client.

Therefore, as an agent you can accomplish this by being an expert in real estate.  First thing you must know how to price a home whether you have a buyer or seller in order for either parties to benefit financially and this can be significant.  If you do not know your market and the price of a home how can you help your client maximize their profits which is the reason why they hired you in the first place.

With massive change to our industry there is much confusion with not only buyers and sellers but with agents as well.  Too many options with too many gimmicks with service to the client not being the main goal can harm both sellers/buyers and agents.  Chose a Brokerage that has the platform to provide you support, technology and education so you are able to build your real estate machine as a expert in the real estate field for many years to come.

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