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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell – Real Living Metro Real Estate
January 14, 2019

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Preparing your home before it is listed on the market it crucial and directly affects how much you will sell your home for.    Homes that have curb appeal and that are cleaned and well maintained will sell for Top Dollar in the lease amount of time.  The following are some tips on how to prepare your home for sale.


  1. Curb Appeal –  Give you home some curb appeal by simply doing the following;

 A) make sure your lawn is cut and trimmed

 B) make sure all exterior paint is clean

 C) make sure to trim all shrubs

 D) if outdoor furniture is outside make sure it is clean and staged.


2.  Garage – Make sure your garage is cleaned out and organized


3.  Kitchen – this is where the heart it make sure it is as appealing and warm as possible, where it almost makes you want to                                     sit and have a coffee.

   A)  Make sure your kitchen is clean and decluttered.

   B)  Clean all the cabinets

   C)  Check to see if all appliances are working

   D)  Make sure the kitchen is organized and shines


4.  Bathroom –  Make sure this room is sparkling clean and in working order.

     A) Ensure that all faucets are working and not leaking

     B) Make sure your toliet is functioning and working.

     C) Check the caulking around the tub and shower and replace with fresh caulking where necessary. Any caulking with

mold on it has to go.

     D) Replace the shower curtain and bathroom rug with something fresh and tasteful


5.   Closet –  Make sure your closet is cleaned

      A)  Pack away everything that you are not going to need for the next few months. Neatly store in boxes in

the basement, or rent a storage facility if you don’t have a basement or have a lot of clutter. Remember

that closets are never big enough, and the least amount of items that are taking up space, the larger

your closets look.

        B)  Make sure your closet is clean and organized.


6.    Overall –  Typical buyers cannot see through the mess and leaks and broken faucets this is why the cleaner, organized and

staged homes sell for significantly more than a home that does not show well at all.  Just a simple things can set

the buyer off and not want to consider further.  A buyer must be able to feel emotion in when they enter a home.

They need to feel that warm cozy feeling that makes them picture themselves in the home.  We advise that you

take all personal items down such as pictures or anything that can distract the buyer from your home.  We give

homeowners consultation on how to prepare and State your home for the market.


Call us for a free consultation or a Staging Quote  at 248-242-7282 or email us at





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