For Sale By Owner

We work with For Sale By Owners and assist them by providing them a complimentary Market Analysis letting them know the real value of their home.  Knowing what your home is worth can bring you the greatest returns in the least amount of time.  If you overprice your home you will waste time on the market and eventually you chase the market and end up getting less and vice versa if you underprice it your home you are leaving money on the table.  Therefore, we service people and we believe that if a For Sale By Owner wants to sell unrepresented the least we can do to help is provide them with the true value of their home which will ultimately make them more money.  However, we always recommend hiring a Professional Expert Realtor in your area because the legally have fiduciary duties and will protect you throughout the transaction process.  We offer 3 Plans to the For Sale By Owner as follows;


Plan A – Flat fee $700 for MLS Entry


Plan B-  This is our Ala Carte plan where a client can chose to opt in an out of specific service.

MLS entry only. – $700.00

Photos and MLS entry only – $1200

Photos only  – $500

Drone Photos – $500

Staging – Starting at $1500 for two rooms and each additional room is $500

MLS Closing with transaction support and with our Title Company  $1200 plus 1% with photos

MLS Closing with transaction support and with our Title Company  $700 plus 1% with no photos


Plan C  – This plan gives you Full Service at a significant commission reduction.  We will list the property and give you everything available under Plan B and commissions would be 5% and we have the buyer in this transaction it will be reduced to 4% giving the For Sale By Owner a significant savings with full service protected by fiduciary.


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